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Survivor Poetry

We will Use this page to feature some of the survivors poetry.
It is a way to witness the pain that is recovery from Sexual abuse.

The First poem is from Traveler who posted this on the Male Survivor website.


Don’t look at me too closely
or watch what I am doing.
I might slip;
I might stumble;
I might fall.

Don’t hold high expectations
or think I’ve got it made;
I am weak,
I’m still fragile,
I’m not whole.

Don’t cherish preconceptions
of how I ought to act:
what I should think,
how I should feel,
what I should say.

Don’t assume that now it’s over,
that I am back to normal;
though I am better –
I’m not ALL better,
not yet well.

But if you want to walk with me
and pace your healthy stride
against my stumbling steps,
supporting one another,
to lend each other strength...

we can travel

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From the wounded warrior
Personally I really love this Poem, it really puts it all into perspective and tells the world exactly how we feel.  I know this is how I felt as a child, that is till the alcohol could be used to numb the pain.

A childhood lament

Can anybody hear me?
Does anybody care?
Each night I pray for death to come,
But it's not death that climbs the stairs.

Can anybody see me?
I'm right before your eyes!
I've become withdrawn, I dont laugh or play,
I just gaze emptily up to the sky.

Will anybody miss me?
Would you even notice me gone?
Tonight I'm going to fly to heaven,
My suffering here on earth is done.

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