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I often asked therapists this question: - Do you understand how to treat male survivors?
The answers would often depress me more, " Yes it is the same model as treating female rape survivors or female sufferers of childhood sexual abuse." would come the reply.
As I say this answer would often upset me, because A) I am not female   B)  I had done enough research to know that this was not true.

The parameters for the treatment of male survivors is Hugely different to that of our counterparts.

So instead of doing the old survivor tantrum, I decided that I would one day love to find a team of therapists that would want to join us and offer specialized knowledge to the millions of survivors out there.
I will do research and post all the info I can possibly find here for those of you that are interested.

If you would like to join our program and have an interest in the treatment of male survivors, please contact me, my details are on the contact page.  We welcome therapists that would like to get involved.


MEN & HEALING: Theory, Research, and Practice in Working with Male
Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse


Opening the Door.   A Treatment model for therapy with Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse  (Adrienne Crowder)

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