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Men Talking Out

We want Men to talk out about their Childhood Sexual Abuse.  Why? Well it is imperative that we start a movement of men that will help us put a face to Sexually abused men.
Society Looks at the word Child and justifies this by thinking "Girl" It is very sad but unfortunately Society cannot think of Boys being abused, it is still to Horrible a thought that boys can be abused.

What we need is a bunch of brave men to stand up and say yes we were abused and we will no longer tolerate this in our society.
The knock on effect of this is that young boys will see all you brave men and say I am being abused and it is NOT OK, so they will talk out and, slowly we will break the silence that Surrounds Sexual abuse perpetrated on Boys.

Sign up on this page by Posting your email address and name or if you want it to remain private just post a name. We want Numbers and we need faces.

Survivors. Society is not going to help us until we help ourselves, and remember that there are millions of abused boys out there that are struggling with this.
This tactic was used before by the Treatment Action Campaign in the late 90's and their action then made survivors proud to be involved, We too can stand Proud and Say that We ARE SURVIVORS.
Join the Cause Sign up today.

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